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Modernizing your AI Transformation

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You are invited to the upcoming free Webinar presented by R2i in collaboration with NVIDIA and IBM on Wednesday June 9th 2021, 11am EDT.



  • Significantly improve your time to insights using AI
  • Learn how to use AI to gain competitive advantage.
  • Ingest, autolabel and optimize your data from edge to core.


CDO, Head of Analytics, Director of Research, Head of Data Science, Principal Investigator


NVIDIA pioneered accelerated computing—a supercharged form of computing at the intersection of computer graphics, high-performance computing, and AI. Today, accelerated computing is reshaping trillion-dollar industries like finance, government, healthcare, and manufacturing—and fostering entirely new industries just taking root.
IBM Storage for Data and AI enables customers to seamlessly introduce AI initiatives in a hybrid cloud environment. Enterprise ready, secure and scalable, IBM Spectrum Storage delivers on AI.


Come join R2i, NVIDIA, and IBM as we jointly discuss the history of Modern AI, the challenges that are being overcome in adopting AI, and the transformations taking place in just about every industry thanks to AI.

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