Workshop – Cisco Automation Made Easy with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform


Date December 02, 2021
Partners Red Hat
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Learn how network automation with Red Hat Ansible can orchestrate various devices and tools, and integrate them into your larger automation initiatives.

Network automation enables IT to be more responsive to business needs, break down organizational silos, and decrease costs. With Red Hat Ansible, you can connect networking teams into larger automated workflows as well as improve day-to-day network operations. Automated networks go down less often (by validating user inputs, reducing errors, as well as providing configuration consistency) and recover faster from outages. The addition of continuous compliance and accelerated patching improve security posture and mitigate risk. All this, with a simple to use, common language.

Join us to learn how Ansible can improve cross-team collaboration and overall productivity, and clear the way for innovation that can foster agile development, cloud growth, and beyond.

Who can Benefit?

  • DevOps Engineers, Ops Engineers, Systems Engineers, Release Engineers, System Administrators,
    Developers, Operations Staff, Network Engineers, and anyone interested in IT automation.


  • Introduction to Ansible Automation
  • How Ansible works for Network Automation
  • Understanding Ansible Modules and Playbooks
  • Executing Ansible playbooks for Cisco environments
  • Using Jinja to template network configurations
  • Using Ansible Tower to scale automation to the enterprise
  • Other Demos

Register here: https://meet.zoho.com/3hwpW8qafA

We look forward to sharing with you the advantages of Network Automation.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following address: marketing@r2i.ca

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