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The content of the pages of the R2i inc. is presented for informational purposes only.


Occasionally, R2i inc. may ask you to provide personal information in order to identify you, in particular to allow you to subscribe to subscriptions, to receive information on our products and services or to apply for a job offer.

Thus, before each request for personal information, R2i inc. will specify the purposes for which they are requested and will only collect the information necessary for those purposes.

Only persons authorized by R2i inc. and who need it in the performance of their duties will have access to your personal information.

R2i inc. recognizes the confidential nature of this information and undertakes to take all reasonable measures to ensure its confidentiality. Thus, for security reasons, all personal information transmitted to this site is encrypted in order to protect it against interception and hacking.

If you do not wish to provide personal information, you will nevertheless have access to a large part of the R2i inc. Site, with the exception of the secure section requiring registration.

Reliability of the information contained on the site R2i inc. undertakes to take measures to ensure that the information contained on this site is as reliable as possible.

However, R2i inc. cannot guarantee that this information is, at all times, accurate and up-to-date and disclaims all responsibility of any kind whatsoever in this regard. The use of the site is conditional on the acceptance of this risk by the user.


Any user who accepts the conditions of use of this site is governed by the laws of the province of Quebec and by the jurisdiction and exclusive jurisdiction of the Quebec courts for any dispute or direct or indirect damage relating to the acceptance and use. of the site.


R2i inc. may use cookies, called “cookies”, which are placed on the hard drives of visitors’ computers; these “cookies” are used for site management purposes and in order to personalize your navigation. You can deactivate the “cookies” option in your browser; however, where applicable, certain site customization may be inaccessible to you.

Other sites

Various links to other sites are made available to you on this site; however, R2i inc. does not endorse and is not responsible for the content of these other sites, or their possible modification, these being subject to their own terms of use and confidentiality policy. As a result, R2i inc. is not responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, resulting in particular from the use of these hyperlinks and cannot guarantee that they are free from viruses or other problems likely to affect their use.


R2i is in no way responsible for any damage of any kind whatsoever, resulting, directly or indirectly, from the use of the site or the inability to use it or the information it contains, from any action or decision that has been taken based on the site or the information it contains, even if R2i has been informed of the possibility of such damage. R2i cannot guarantee the availability of the site at all times.

Copyrights and Trademarks

The information available on this site is protected by copyright laws; it is therefore strictly forbidden to copy, reproduce, publish, distribute, or otherwise use, partially or totally, except with the written permission of R2i. The user of the site may, for strictly confidential purposes, use the information contained in the statements relating to the personal file.

The names of products and services which appear on this site are trademarks belonging to R2i. No logo, graphic, sound or image of the R2i site may be reproduced or retransmitted without the written permission of R2i.


The terms of use apply to all transactions made on this site. By carrying out transactions, you acknowledge that from a legal standpoint, the use of your username and password constitutes your signature and that it is your responsibility to ensure that they remain confidential. R2i is not required to verify the true identity of the people who use your username and password. The user undertakes to inform R2i of the use of any unauthorized person of his username and password.

Furthermore, you also acknowledge that r2i is not responsible for, in any way, loss or damage which may result directly or indirectly from a transaction carried out in accordance with a request made by a person using your username and password.

Judicial Council

The transactional section of the site is exclusively reserved for customers. Thus, access to this part of the R2i site is strictly limited to people to whom a username and password have been granted at their request. Given the strictly confidential nature of the information contained, R2i has implemented security measures to ensure the protection of this confidential information.

The user is also responsible for taking and applying security measures to protect their access to the reserved section of the R2i site, in particular by not disclosing their username and password and by keeping them in a safe place. The user undertakes to respect the terms of this legal notice and the conditions of use and understands that he is responsible for any damage or prejudice resulting directly or indirectly from non-compliance with the rules set out therein.

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