SUSE Manager

One Console. One Toolset. All Your Linux Distributions
SUSE Manager delivers best-in-class open-source infrastructure management focused on lowering costs, improving DevOps efficiency and easily managing large complex deployments across IoT, cloud and container infrastructure.
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It manages multiple Linux distributions (including Red Hat Enterprise Linux), across hardware platforms including x86 and IBM Power, as well as physical, virtual and cloud environments; all from a single centralized console. SUSE Manager is designed to help enterprise DevOps and IT operations teams reduce complexity and regain control of IT and IoT assets, increase efficiency while meeting security policies and optimize operations with automation to reduce costs.

Why SUSE Manager?

Manual or inconsistent patch management is a leading cause of cyber-attacks. SUSE Manager helps to secure your entire mixed Linux environments – from automated patch management to centralize monitoring and management.


Automate infrastructure security & compliance

Secure your infrastructure with automated patch and configuration management including auto-remediation. Validate your system security against SCAP protocols and perform audit scans on client systems through openSCAP. Ensure system compliance with internal and external requirements.


Centralized control and reporting at any scale

Scale out your infrastructure and centralize reporting for up to 1 million Linux clients using SUSE Manager’s Hub architecture. Use Prometheus to monitor real-time data and Grafana for visual dashboards. Simplify and automate deployment with the new rearchitected proxy for resource constrained environments.


Manage any Linux, anywhere

One console to manage and monitor all of your Linux distros wherever thy are located. One-click automation for provisioning, patching, and configuration, which leads to faster, consistent and repeatable server employments. Easy, in-place migration for SUSE Solutions, including openSUSE to SLE, service pack migrations and major version upgrades.

SUSE Manager offers five main advantages:

  1. Cost Management
  2. Operational Security & Compliance
  3. Remote Management
  4. Streamline Operations
  5. Freedom of Choice – no lock into any particular software

Seize the opportunity to build software-defined infrastructure with help from R2i and Suse.

Whether you opt for a fully managed or “à la carte” cloud service, we will take care of all your IT assets, from architecture to maintenance, through configuration, customization, monitoring, and technical support.

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