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Red Hat and R2i Workshop: Ansible Automation Demonstration

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Learn about Red Hat’s powerful, efficient automation platform: Ansible, and why it is the tool You should use going forward with your Windows environments.

During this interactive workshop, you will have the opportunity to explore the potential of the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform in streamlining and enhancing your Windows IT automation processes. With its robust capabilities and flexible architecture, the platform offers a scalable and efficient solution to automate your Windows infrastructure.

This workshop is designed for IT professionals, system administrators, DevOps engineers, and anyone interested in optimizing Windows automation workflows.

If You Have Ever asked Yourself Questions Such as:

  • How much of my windows environment can I automate?
  • What sort of tasks can be automated? And how can this save me or my colleagues time?
  • How difficult will a switch to Ansible be?

Workshop Details:

  • Introduction to Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform and its features
  • Best practices for automating Windows environments


Why You Don’t Want to Miss This:

  • Practical Exercises: The workshop will provide hands-on practical exercises that will deepen your understanding of automatization with Ansible.
  • Direct Interaction: You’ll have the unique opportunity to interact directly with our speaker, asking technical questions and gaining further insights.
  • Extended Learning: The workshop (Tool) link will be available for 48 hours and our speaker will be available to answer all questions via email during that period.
    This is a fantastic chance to take advantage of practical exercises and pick our speaker’s brain for valuable insights. We encourage you to make the most of this extended event and enhance your knowledge even further.

For questions or additional informations please reach out to Info@r2i

Christopher Reed
Design Sales Engineer | Red Hat
Chris Reed is an industry expert in Linux and has 10 years working experience in Open-Source Software within Small to Enterprise Environments. The last ten years have been focused on Cloud Computing and Business Continuity.  Today he is currently located in the “famously Hot” Town of Columbia, SC.


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