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Learn about the latest AI technologies from both NVIDIA and IBM and find out how these technologies can streamline your AI workflow so you can speed up your journey to the operationalization of AI. Register today!

You are invited to the upcoming free Webinar presented by R2i in collaboration with NVIDIA and IBM on Wednesday June 9th 2021, 11am EDT.



  • Significantly improve your time to insights using AI
  • Learn how to use AI to gain competitive advantage.
  • Ingest, autolabel and optimize your data from edge to core.


CDO, Head of Analytics, Director of Research, Head of Data Science, Principal Investigator


NVIDIA pioneered accelerated computing—a supercharged form of computing at the intersection of computer graphics, high-performance computing, and AI. Today, accelerated computing is reshaping trillion-dollar industries like finance, government, healthcare, and manufacturing—and fostering entirely new industries just taking root.
IBM Storage for Data and AI enables customers to seamlessly introduce AI initiatives in a hybrid cloud environment. Enterprise ready, secure and scalable, IBM Spectrum Storage delivers on AI.


Come join R2i, NVIDIA, and IBM as we jointly discuss the history of Modern AI, the challenges that are being overcome in adopting AI, and the transformations taking place in just about every industry thanks to AI.

Solutions Architect | NVIDIA
Dan is an industry veteran with almost 20 years of GPU and accelerated computing experience. After more than a decade of Scientific Visualization and Data Processing for some of this world’s most renowned Astrophysics and Cosmological institutes, he returned to Earth to focus on the virtualization world. Dan is a VMware vExpert and combines his passion for GPU computing and Enterprise Infrastructure to help bring AI into the Modern Data Centre.
Global Ecosystem Leader | IBM Storage
Douglas O’Flaherty, Global Ecosystem Leader, IBM Storage. Doug leads solutions, alliances and sales for global growth initiatives. A five-year IBM storage veteran, he led product marketing. Before IBM, Doug worked for Continuum MSP, Red Hat, and AMD in product management, marketing, and business development. Early in his career he led IT operations for several Boston area start-ups that included web services, parallel file systems, and online gaming. A resident of North Carolina, he has lived on four continents and is a passionate biker and rower.
Tamara Vandersluis
Vice President Innovation | R2i
With more than 35 years of IT experience, Tamara is one of R2i’s three founders. She has been working in the field of AI for the last five years, running AI use case workshops with customers, building the ROI and defining the expected outcomes and KPIs. ScaleAI accepted her funding application for one of these projects, which is a huge accomplishment. She has finalized several service engagements, building out the AI Roadmap and outlining what processes need to be changed in order to ingest high value AI projects and see them through to production. As part of these service engagements, she has had the opportunity to run many interviews with customers around the world regarding their success and challenges in the operationalization of AI. She is a member of the AI Advisory Board for Dawson College and has spoken at the Women in AI meetup here in Montreal. She also had the opportunity to work closely with a large Montreal research lab regarding their AI cluster and leveraging new technologies.
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