R2i 100% operational and part of the list of essential services in Quebec

//R2i 100% operational and part of the list of essential services in Quebec

R2i 100% operational and part of the list of essential services in Quebec

In these exceptional times, please know that R2i provides essential services to a variety of front-line industries. We therefore remain 100% operational for all your projects. Our resources are available to provide the same quality level as always and we are ready to help companies address their current challenges.

Contact us if you have questions on the security of your systems, the continuity of your business, remote managed services or how to maintain your operations. Our experts will be happy to answer your questions.

As a company that assumes its corporate responsibilities, we are contributing to the collective efforts and have implemented telework for all our employees. This allows us to maintain a relationship of absolute trust with our clients and partners.

R2i 100% operational despite COVID-19

In these times of uncertainty, R2i continues to offer a client experience based on complete transparency and the availability of our team of experts.

Thanks to the strength of our technical team of 18 experts, R2i is able to stay by your side and help you with your activities during these hard times caused by the pandemic.

R2i’s technicians are available at all times to monitor for any issues or incidents which may affect your environments and to avoid disruptions. Our professionals can perform diagnostics and apply the necessary patches virtually.

Our level 3 team of technicians is available and can cover any absences among the technical staff of your key systems.

Since 2014, R2i offers a full range of support services for the IBM Power System environments (IBMi, AIX, Linux) and x86 environments. Our experience and our services are in keeping with the new modalities implemented in this time of crisis: we can manage your environment in whole or in part, over the short or long term, and through hosting, cloud or hybrid services.

Contact us:

Email: Info@R2i.ca

Montreal : 514 312-3007 | Canada & International 1-844-312-3007

24/7 Network Operations Centre 1-844-312-3007

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For more information: www.R2i.ca

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