Podcast: Ep1 – R2i’s Origins (FR)

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Join us for the first episode of “Tech & Houblon” and explore R2i’s remarkable story, with Benoit Martel, President of R2i.

Discover the origins, mission, values and future ambitions of this innovative technology company, as well as the story of its founder. On the menu: captivating discussions on technology and our recommendations for good beer.

Don’t miss this exciting first episode of the podcast that will fuel your passion for innovation!

3 good reasons to listen to Tech & Houblon

🎙 Dynamic discussions

Join our experts as they delve into IT-related topics and share their knowledge, experience and opinions – and, above all, a good drink recommendation!

🌐 Latest trends

Stay ahead of the ever-changing world of information technology. We explore emerging technologies, industry trends and their potential impact on business.

💡 Expert guests 

We invite IT leaders, professionals and innovators to share their ideas and expertise with our audience.


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