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Accelerate your transition
to the Cloud!

As you know, servers play an integral role in your computer network and are responsible for a large number of tasks essential to your operations. It is therefore imperative that your IT systems be reliable and flexible enough if you want a smooth digital transformation.

’Whether your infrastructure deployment preference is IBMi, AIX, AS/400, SAP HANA, Power 8, Power 9 or Linux on Power, let us help you configure your solution to your specific needs.

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Accelerate your transition to the Cloud!

The companies we work with are specialized in different spheres; finance, manufacturing, distribution, medical and academic research are the main industries we have dealt with. We asked them why they chose an IBM® Power Systems server and these are the five most common benefits:

  1. Being able to process In-memory Big Data quickly thanks to its 16 terabytes (TB) memory.
  2. Improved IT profitability and enhanced enterprise services with open and scalable Cloud Computing (private or hybrid).
  3. Secure processing of your services and data and services on a reliable and proven platform that limit your risk.
  4. Improved management of the fluctuation of your organization’s IT queries capacity, allowing a better flexibility and performance for the private cloud.
  5. Simplified and faster management of Linux® applications with the new Power IFL solution (Integrated Facility for Linux).

Many organizations now want their infrastructure to be designed and hosted in the Cloud. Our team can help you prepare and execute this transition by keeping your data accessible in an efficient, secure manner and minimizing risks to your profitability.

Our team specializes in IBM Cloud, Cloud IBMi and Cloud AIX offerings.

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