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We are excited to introduce R2i cloud’s new brand identity: EDWIN, your space ranger!

With the ten-year anniversary of R2i and our cloud approaching, the time had come to review our goals, our cloud services, and the needs of our market.  We reached out to our customers to learn what they think of our company and our employees’ expertise.

The result? Our clients are very satisfied with our services and they appreciate the skill of our people. They feel heard, understood, well guided, and well supported in their projects and growth.

This reflection fueled our intention to distinguish ourselves, to rise above the clouds, to identify ourselves with something greater, something built on our reality and our values.


Edwin, the R2i cloud aligned with our DNA

Edwin is…

  • a space ranger, a guardian;
  • Avant-garde, he strives to always go further, to surpass expectations;
  • efficient in his work;
  • frequently successful in his exploits;
  • reliable and certified;
  • dedicated to the success of the missions entrusted to him;
  • helpful, he never leaves anyone in need;
  • authentic;
  • Canadian and proud.

Meet Edwin, your space ranger,
R2i’s 100% Canadian cloud.

Edwin R2i’s cloud is inspired by astronaut Edwin Eugene Aldrin, aka Buzz Aldrin. Aldrin inspired the character of Buzz Lightyear (our beloved R2i mascot), a space ranger and guardian.

Our new visual entity reflects our values and our promise to be the partner of choice. Our mission: to listen to you, to protect you, to never let you down, and to excel in the missions you entrust to us.

R2i hopes to continue pursuing its mission in this field we all love. As a leader in Canadian cloud computing, we intend for our new identity to strengthen our position in the industry and to reflect our commitment to excellence and our quest to always go higher and further through our customizable services.


A revised and improved webpage

More modern, more interactive, more ergonomic, and optimized for any device, our new web page will facilitate communication between Edwin and our customers.

For more information about our cloud solutions and new identity, contact us at edwin@r2i.ca.

You can also find us on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.


About R2i

R2i is a leader in Cloud Computing (Public, private and Hybrid), 24/7 Managed Services, Data Centre Solutions and Digital transformation.
R2i has the most secured and robust cloud: ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, SOC 2 TYPE 2, and TIER III. Our continuous improvement process will make sure your cloud environments always meet the latest security, compliance and maintenance standards.
R2i’s multiple Canadian-based ISO certified cloud infrastructure features x86, IBM Power, and SAP Hana offerings. R2i is headquartered in Montreal with offices in Ottawa and the GTA.



Cloud Edwin
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