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Are you rethinking how to use technology for your business?
You need an IT infrastructure that can adapt with ease to the fast-paced world of digital technology.
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New technologies offer incredible potential, but only if you use them properly. Our team and commercial partners can help you plan a successful digital transformation and revolutionize your operations with today’s most advanced technologies.

First we’ll design a custom infrastructure that takes into account your growth prospects and technology expansion plans. Then we’ll help you choose and integrate innovative solutions—like artificial intelligence and internet of things—hosted on prem, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment. Thanks to our managed services, you’ll experience a seamless transition and get 24/7 support from our operations centre.



Optimize your environments and protect your data with secure infrastructure solutions designed to support innovative technologies like IoT and machine learning.



Stop worrying about service disruptions affecting your business applications (ERP, PLM, GMAO) by leveraging our custom IaaS solutions and environments. We offer servers specially designed for large workloads and data volumes.



Make it easy for your team to learn how to use AI technologies with our user-friendly cloud-based and on-prem platforms. It’s the best way to get the biggest return on your tech investment.

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  • AI architecture and support

    Put artificial intelligence to work for you. R2i’s architects and our AI partners can provide expert support to resolve any problem.

  • Microservices (container) and application modernization

    Ready to modernize your applications? Seize the opportunity to build microservices (container) architecture with help from R2i and the world’s leading manufacturers.

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