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WEBINAR : AI at Enterprise Scale: “From Science Project to Meaningful Science”

Data analytics, machine learning and deep learning at scale drive the need for a highly scalable and flexible technology infrastructure that can deal with ever-increasing amounts and types of data, and deliver the compute required for a short “time to insight”. At the same time, the tools and techniques used need to be efficient, fit within existing enterprise processes while minimizing data movement and maximizing the use of all compute resources.

In this presentation we will discuss what this means and how to enable a successful journey to AI for your enterprise.

3 reasons to attend:

Your AI based solutions need to be built on a solid foundation so that they can move from a minimal viable product (MVP) to production quickly, securely and in a scalable fashion.

  • Understand what AI at scale entails for your enterprise
  • Understand the components involved in a successful AI infrastructure
  • Understand how to get started today!



Eric J. Fiala is a hands-on AI / ML / DL Solution Architect with IBM Spectrum Computing based in Calgary, Canada.
He is a seasoned system administrator specialized in distributed computing, big data, machine learning, and deep learning at scale.
Eric works with clients to create resilient enterprise class solutions to support today’s and tomorrow’s science.
He has worked across a broad spectrum of industries including Oil and Gas, Finance, Retail, Automotive and Healthcare.
Eric graduated from the University of Ottawa with a degree in Economics and is fluent in French and English.
Christopher Vollmar is an IBM Storage Architect supporting Canada and the Caribbean. He is currently focused on helping customers develop AI driven solutions as well as Hybrid Multicloud designs using the entire IBM Storage portfolio.
Christopher has been a speaker at IBM THINK, IBM TechU and IBM Top Gun. He is also part of the Systems Group “Teach Team” for IBM Design Thinking. Christopher is a co-author of two IBM Storage Redpapers;
– IBM Private, Public, and Hybrid Cloud Storage Solutions
– IBM Software Defined Storage Guide.
He was recently featured in a series of YouTube videos at IBM TechU in Las Vegas.

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