What are IT managed services and are they right for you?

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With IT an essential part of almost every business in today’s world, it’s important to get your IT management right.  But IT systems are complex, and keeping yours in good working order can take up a lot of time.

There are dozens of considerations to keep in mind. When should you update? How can you reduce costs? How can you handle more users or data? Should you transition to the cloud? Are your systems secure enough for today’s cyber threats? Are your systems fast enough to keep users happy?

Worse, if you make errors in your IT management the consequences can range from irritating to disastrous. Slower systems, data loss, and cyber attacks are threats all IT systems face.

If IT management isn’t your core business, all of this takes time away from doing business and making money. That’s why more and more businesses today are choosing IT managed service providers.


The role of your IT managed services provider

IT managed service providers are other businesses specialized in IT management that handle your daily IT tasks such as backups, security updates, optimization, integrations, and more.

Some IT managed service providers go further advising you on technical strategy or even taking on the role of a virtual or partial CTO. Some IT managed service providers can also handle larger projects like  infrastructure changes  or digital transformation.

Companies of all sizes and types can benefit from IT managed services. Small companies may outsource all of their IT needs to their IT managed service providers. Larger companies may outsource the time-consuming daily tasks and free up their in-house IT team to focus on larger projects that move the organization towards their goals.


8 advantages of IT managed services


Minimize risk

Cyber attacks are a constant threat in today’s IT world, and they can cause catastrophe for companies large and small. Data loss, privacy breaches, and downtime can all lead to dissatisfied customers, dysfunctional operations, and significant losses. While IT managed services can help mitigate these risks by providing robust infrastructure security, it’s important to note that these services focus on infrastructure rather than application-level security.

Keeping IT systems secure needs to be a top priority, but IT security is a complex and ever-changing world. IT managed service providers have experts that can ensure you are have the best security for your business, while freeing you from the burden of keeping up with the latest security advancements.


Improve productivity

Faster, more efficient systems mean more productive and happier employees. Your IT managed service provider can optimize your IT systems and infrastructure from the inside out to make sure you have the best system for your business, which keeps work running more smoothly.


Impress clients

Optimized systems don’t just keep your employees happy and productive. They also allow you to give better service to your clients or customers. With professionally managed services, you can give your customers faster applications, faster service, better security for their data, and much more.


Increase availability

IT managed service providers keep your systems available whenever you need them. With a 24/7 help desk, your service provider can respond to issues at any time day or night. Your professionals will also make sure that your systems are optimized to provide the availability you need.


Use resources efficiently

The optimal IT system, managed by professionals for maximum productivity, will use your resources as efficiently as possible. You’ll get the most “bang for your buck” from your IT systems. Not only does this help your bottom line, it also reduces your environmental impact by making sure that you don’t use resources you don’t need.


Keep costs predictable

When you manage your IT systems yourself, you are responsible for issues that can come up, which can sometimes mean variable or unexpected costs. Most IT managed service providers will work  payment that keeps your costs easier to manage and control.


Get expert support

IT managed services give you access to experts in your systems, who can provide flexible professional support whenever you need it. You won’t have to flounder to hire an IT specialist or figure out issues on your own.


Ask for help any time

IT managed services give you access to help 24/7, so if there is ever an emergency or issue, you can reach out for professional support. That is invaluable if your IT systems stop working in the middle of your rush time.


How IT managed services work at different organizations

There are a variety of IT managed services models designed to cater to businesses with different needs whether or not they have an internal IT team. For companies without in-house IT, fully managed services can take complete control of their IT infrastructure, ensuring everything runs smoothly and securely. However, these services are primarily focused on infrastructure management rather than application-level support. Businesses that do have an internal team can benefit from co-managed services where the IT managed service provider works alongside the internal staff to provide additional expertise handle specific tasks or offer support during peak times. This flexibility allows companies to tailor their IT support to their unique requirements so they have the right level of assistance and expertise to keep their operations running efficiently and securely.


What tools will your IT managed services provider use?

IT managed service providers use a variety of tools to deliver their services effectively. Remote monitoring and management (RMM) software is a cornerstone since it allows the provider to do proactive and automated maintenance software deployment and patch management from their offices instead of coming in to yours. Remote access software is crucial for troubleshooting since it allows technicians to resolve issues without being on-site which means they can respond faster.

Backup management software ensures that your data is securely stored and easily recoverable in case of data loss. Endpoint and network security software protect you from cyber threats. Your IT managed service provider will choose from a range of tools and applications to support you in whatever way your business needs.


How to choose an IT managed services provider

If you’ve decided IT managed services are right for you, congratulations! Your IT management is about to become a lot easier.

Choosing the right IT managed services provider starts with a thorough understanding of your tech needs.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you have strict or industry-specific security requirements?
  • Do you work with large files or manage large amounts of data?
  • How many employees or clients use your systems?
  • What are your availability and speed needs?
  • What do your clients expect from businesses in your industry?
  • Can you tolerate some downtime or none at all?
  • Do you need 24/7 support?
  • Do you need strategic or technical guidance?

Then, research IT managed services providers in your area and compare them on a few different criteria.

  • Business size: Larger providers may have more experience or resources, but smaller providers may give you more custom or personal support.
  • Experience: Choose a provider with extensive proven experience working with the systems you use.
  • Services: Check which service models providers offer and which you prefer.
  • Expertise: Compare the expertise and certifications of providers. Look for ISO certifications such as ISO 9001 for customer service and other relevant ISO certifications for security. Additionally, consider if the provider offers a dedicated Service Delivery Manager to oversee your account and ensure the quality of service.
  • Payment: Take a look at the payment models and price points of different providers.
  • Systems: Make sure the providers work with your current systems.

IT managed services are a long-term relationship that is essential to your business functioning, so do not rush to choose a provider. Make sure it is a company you trust, with expertise you can rely on. Learn more about our  IT managed services here.


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