3 reasons why the cloud will make your business more competitive

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More and more small and medium-sized businesses are entrusting a part or their entire IT infrastructures to the cloud. Is it because they want to keep up with the latest tech trends? Sure. But it’s also because there are many benefits to the cloud. In fact, the cloud could make your organization more competitive.

1- The cloud fosters operational efficiency

One of the most revolutionary aspects of the cloud is that you only pay for the IT resources you consume. In fact, you may now have access to infrastructures and apps that were up until now deemed “beyond your budget”. This is because the costs of these solutions are shared between the cloud provider’s clients. You will benefit from a high level of availability, performance, and data stability (among other advantages) at a competitive cost that is in line with your specific needs.

This is especially true for backup solutions that can now be provided by the cloud. You no longer need a second dedicated centre or to manage the various updates required in two environments (production and backup). You only need a communication link to copy your data. And in case of a disaster, you’ll only pay for the resources and time needed to recover your data.

The cloud can also boost your company’s efficiency by optimizing the human resources overseeing your IT. And managed services can optimize them even more, making them an interesting solution for your company in this era of increasing labour shortages. In fact, with the cloud, you can gain access to cutting-edge skillsets that can help you manage your environment because a) there is no need to hire anyone and b) you’ll be able to control your monthly costs. Your IT team will then be able to focus on the projects that add value to your organization.

2- The cloud makes you more agile in a constantly evolving business world

In this digital era, the technological environment is changing at a fast pace and business opportunities are also evolving rapidly. You need to stay ahead of the competition. And you can do so with the cloud thanks to the flexibility, scalability, and adaptability of its environment.

Is your organization temporarily adding 30 new employees? Want to switch from software X to software Y? Does your IT workload vary significantly throughout the weeks and months? The cloud can help support and address these and many other situations.

“With the cloud, you will no longer be tied to your infrastructures’ technological limitations and fixed costs. Your environment will adapt to your IT choices and business needs. All within an accelerated timeframe.”

Best of all, you don’t need to agree to a long-term commitment (even if your cloud provider offers you discounts for your “loyalty”). Let the cloud be your driver of innovation.

3- The cloud is the key to technological innovation

If your organization wants to innovate, it needs the cloud. But where to start? There are a few options available, such as SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).

The benefits you can expect from the cloud depend on choosing the options that are right for you. The more your organization relies on cloud-native apps, the more a natural fit you will be for a move to the cloud. If you want to invest in a long-term digital transformation, hosting all or part of your infrastructures in the cloud is the key to success. Does this seem like a daunting challenge? Keep in mind you can also gradually modernize or repackage your apps.

In short, the cloud is reinventing the way we do things. Its flexibility allows your business to innovate rapidly and scale as needed. By accelerating proof of concepts and application testing, the cloud can help you quickly deploy your most ambitious projects.

Is your company ready for change? Our cloud experts can help you build a cloud or hybrid infrastructure while taking your legacy technology and business needs into consideration. Get in touch with them and let them know how you envision the future of your organization’s IT infrastructures.


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