IBM backup solutions for i: quicker and simpler with the cloud

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Did you know that you can now backup an IBM i partition in the cloud? IBM now offers a line of products specifically built for this task. But what products do you need? How do you configure them? And why should you choose the cloud to backup your IBM i data?

An integrated, transparent backup solution for IBM i in the cloud

You can now save objects and libraries of an IBM i partition thanks to an object storage cloud solution (S3 compatible). It can be used as alternative or in addition to your traditional backup system using magnetic tapes.

The benefit of this cloud backup solution is that it is entirely integrated with BRMS products. You can continue to use all the functions and native commands of your BRMS.

Here are the products you’ll need to backup your IBM i data in the cloud:

  • 5770SS1     18                       Media and Storage Extensions
  • 5770BR1    *BASE                Backup Recovery and Media Services for i
  • 5733ICC     *BASE                IBM Cloud Storage Solutions for i

How do you configure them?

Once you install these 3 products, a few simple modifications will be required to activate their new functions.

First, change the BRMS control groups and policies. Then create a new resource in IBM Cloud Storage Solutions for i to connect to the Cloud. This action will authorize the data to be migrated to the new solution and the S3 or COS cloud storage environment.

The benefits of saving an IBM i partition in the cloud

It’s a new solution that is quick, easy to install and provides your organization with myriad benefits.

  • Your data is secure
    It uses IBM i’s DCM (Digital Certificate Manager) functions. That means your data will be encrypted during the transmission phase and when in the S3 or COS storage site. Your data will be fully secured and inaccessible.
  • A seamless fit with your current backup strategy
    You can use this new solution without having to modify your current BRMS strategy. Or you can decide to use it instead of your BRMS.
  • Lower storage costs
    Traditional backup solutions on magnetic tapes can be costly (media purchase, inventory management and maintenance, the need for an external vault for storing your media). S3 or COS storage solutions are less expensive which could be a significant advantage of using cloud storage solutions for IBM i.


Want to find out more about the various options available to you with the cloud? Don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts to find out more.




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