Hyperscaler cloud providers: The best choice for your business?

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Cloud computing has never been in greater demand. That’s because so many of today’s businesses are modernizing their operations and fast-tracking their digital transformation journeys to stay relevant in changing times.

When looking for a cloud provider, many companies make the assumption that bigger is better and head straight to the most well-known industry names—like Google, Microsoft, Alibaba, and Amazon Web Services—which are known in the industry as “hyperscalers” because of their sheer size. And in some cases, a hyperscaler is truly the best choice. But before deciding whether a major corporation or a more moderate-sized provider is best for your business, it’s worth taking the time to assess your options, especially if cost, flexibility, transparency and confidentiality are important to you.

Why choose a smaller provider?

More often than not, working with a human-scale cloud provider is actually a smarter choice. In addition to getting attentive service from a dedicated team, you’ll get custom solutions that work with your existing hardware and are tailored to your business’ real needs. In contrast, hyperscalers are impersonal, rigid in what they offer and won’t accommodate all infrastructure options.

Let’s explore these points more closely.

Cost savings

Choosing a hyperscaler can result in needless overspending. The reason why is a bit technical, but in a nutshell it’s because hyperscalers sell instances that come in pre-determined capacity sizes, whereas boutique firms like R2i sell virtual machines that are available in small increments. Think of it like buying milk by the gallon or by the glass. If your business needs 2 gallons plus two glasses, you wouldn’t want to pay for 3 gallons and let the remainder go to waste, month after month. We’re sensitive to the fact that most companies would rather invest that money into growing their business, which is why we offer highly granular customization, down to the single processor and single gigabite. That way you won’t end up paying for more than you need.


If there’s one thing we all learned during the pandemic, it’s that business needs can change overnight. With the R2i cloud, you can scale up or scale down easily, and select a plan that works best for your organization’s cycles. Some contracts allow you to access lower unit prices when you sign up for a baseline service level, with the option of adding more capacity during peak periods, such as the Holiday rush. Other clients prefer month-to-month plans because they can turn right off during planned closures specific to their field of work. Our team will sit down with you to assess your organization’s needs and propose a plan that makes sense for you. Hyperscalers simply don’t offer this level of flexibility or personalized plans.

Existing infrastructure and hardware

The big tech firms’ lack of flexibility also extends to certain types of hardware and infrastructure. For example, they won’t accommodate VMware in all sizes, even though it’s the most popular hypervisor in the world. Instead, the hyperscalers want you to convert your virtual machines to their proprietary formats, which makes subsequently switching to another cloud provider more troublesome. As a result, you’re effectively stuck with them. With the R2i cloud, you won’t need to convert anything and you’ll therefore face virtually no downtime. This option is simpler, more cost-effective and leaves you free to make changes with ease in the future.


Businesses want to know where their data is stored and who has access to it. R2i is fully transparent about the location of our datacentres—they’re all in Quebec and Ontario—and we can even let you visit them. We tell our clients exactly where their data is stored and we won’t move it without your express authorization. This is especially important if you need to make sure your data doesn’t leave the province.

Plus, since R2i is a Canadian firm, we’re not subject to the cloud Act, which grants the U.S. government the power to demand access to client data, regardless of where it’s stored, when necessary for “national security reasons.” Businesses that opt for hyperscaler services will never know if or when their data has been accessed, since providers have no obligation to inform clients under the cloud Act. It’s equally impossible for hyperscalers to let you know where your data is located, because they systematically replicate it and move it to different locations.

The best decision is an informed decision

Choosing the right cloud provider and plan can save your business a lot money and work in the long run. That’s why it makes sense to study your needs and the available options before making a decision. And getting help from an informed and impartial professional is a must.

Many clients are surprised to learn that even though R2i has its own cloud to offer, we’re also an official reseller of hyperscaler services. While that may seem counterintuitive to some, it’s because we’re dedicated to recommending the best solution for your business’ immediate and future needs—and in some cases, a hyperscaler makes the most sense.

For assistance in evaluating your cloud service needs, please reach out to our team. We’d be happy to help your business save time, money and hassle.


At R2i, our cloud migration experts are your best allies. We’re here to listen to your needs and help you determine how to optimize your IT environment and take it in the right direction.
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