How to survive your S/4HANA migration and come out ahead!

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If your business is one of the 250,000 worldwide firms that uses SAP’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, you know the clock is ticking. Support for this software will be discontinued in 2027, as SAP turns its attention to S/4HANA, its new flagship software.

Six years may seem like a long time, but when you consider all the steps in the migration process—from needs assessments and budget approvals through to implementation—it makes sense to start now.

On-prem vs. cloud deployment

One of the key decisions that companies have to make is whether they want to purchase new hardware to keep their solution on-premise or move to the cloud. Each option comes with pros and cons. And it can be hard to plan for future needs with so many unknowns affecting most industries today. But one thing that’s certain is that large companies are experiencing exponential growth in their data flows. Big data comes with big potential, but only if you have enough server capability to process and analyze it quickly.

Under-provisioning is not an option. No business can afford to be left behind because they lack capabilities for advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and industry 4.0. But over-provisioning can be unnecessarily expensive, diverting funds away from your business’ other priority investments. That’s why most business want a flexible solution like IaaS. It’s a great way to enable growth without having to buy and provision a new server.

IBM Power Systems are the best option for S/4HANA

R2i can help you set up your IaaS in x86 Linux, but we recommend IBM Power Systems running Linux. Our preference is based on first-hand experience assisting firms of all sizes with their IT transformations and countless technical details that we’ll reserve for conversations with your tech team. But to put it plainly, the IBM Power Systems family of servers is flexible, resilient, easy to implement and offers better performance than the competition. In fact, it won the 2018 SAP Pinnacle Award as “Global Partner of the Year for Infrastructure.”

R2i is a Power expert

As an IBM Platinum partner, R2i knows IBM Power Systems. Plus, our cloud is one of the only ones to feature Power9 processors. This means we can help you make the right choices to future-proof your business and ensure you get the most from your S/4 HANA migration with the least disruption to your operations.

R2i is Canadian IT consulting firm that specializes in IBM Power Systems. To speak with our specialists about your S/4HANA migration, contact us any time. We’d be happy to help.

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