7 Reasons to Partner with a Managed IT Services Provider

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What happens if something goes wrong with your IT system tonight at midnight?

At many companies, you won’t notice the issue until you begin work tomorrow morning and find that the main server is down or your backup failed to complete. You call IT, and hope your technicians get the problem solved quickly. If they do, you’ve only lost a small amount of work time. If your team can’t fix it quickly, or if the solution requires specialized knowledge your IT team doesn’t have, then your system may be down for longer. In a world where customers increasingly expect 24/7 availability, that can quickly have an impact on your business.

At companies with a Managed IT Services provider, the same situation turns out very differently. A week before the actual outage, when the server’s storage controller started to show early warning signs of failure, your Managed IT Services provider noticed it through their 24/7 monitoring. One of their specialized technicians solved the problem before you even knew there was one. When you arrive at work, everything works as normal.


Services adapted to your needs

Managed IT Services providers adapt to meet the needs of your company. We managed all your IT resources: servers, backups, operating system, and more.

Depending on your goals, a Managed IT Services provider can do anything from relieving your overstretched IT team with a small amount of extra support, to completely taking over your IT ecosystem so you don’t need an IT team of your own at all.

There are many reasons to consider partnering with a Managed IT Services provider, from solving problems before you notice them to reducing costs. Here are R2i’s top 7 reasons to consider a Managed IT Services provider for your organization.


1. Access specialized expertise. Managed IT Services providers give you access to IT experts with specializations and certifications in a wide range of subjects. R2i, for example, has more than 50 experts on our multidisciplinary team. Our specialists have the most up-to-date technical certifications and extensive in-depth experience. Instead of relying on a generalist or scrambling to find a specialist when a problem arises, working with a Managed IT Services provider gives you immediate access to experts with the knowledge to provide the best solutions.

2. Get 24/7 support. Around-the-clock IT monitoring and support is essential to solve or prevent problems quickly, and to provide the 24/7 availability that clients increasingly expect. But building a 24/7 IT team and monitoring center is difficult for any company, and impossible for many smaller ones. It requires hiring several experts per IT specialization, an expensive and challenging proposition. Working with a Managed IT Services provider like R2i gives you access to 24/7 support without the cost of bringing on board your own around-the-clock team.

3. Reduce your costs. To provide expert IT support for your own IT ecosystem requires not just a large team of specialists available 24/7, but also IT monitoring tools, a monitoring center, and more. The cost is significant. A Managed IT Services provider gives you the highest quality IT support for a fraction of the cost required to provide an equivalent service yourself. In addition, the expert service from our IT specialists will give you a more robust and secure IT system, which reduces long-term costs in numerous ways and protects your company, too.

4. Benefit from an outside perspective. Many companies may only have one or two IT experts on staff. Those team members are likely highly skilled and know your company in depth. But because their focus has been on your company for many years, they aren’t as aware of other options out there. A Managed IT Services provider brings an outside perspective. We provide expert advice from IT consultants who have seen all the latest technology that companies similar to yours are using. We offer valuable expertise and perspective that complements your own team’s internal knowledge.

5. Focus on your business. IT isn’t your specialty, which means all the time you spend managing IT-related problems is time you’re not working on your core business. Delegating your IT management to a Managed IT Services provider like R2i frees up your time so you can focus on the parts of your business that truly need your attention. You will be able to grow faster with IT concerns off your plate.

6. Don’t worry about labor shortages. With ongoing labor shortages in the IT field, hiring a complete IT team is challenging even for companies that have the budget to do it. And if you do hire IT staff, retaining them can be difficult. In-house IT staff, especially specialists, may have large amounts of down time between reaction to incidents. Employees can get bored and look for new challenges. As a Managed IT Services provider, we already have a full IT team. You can rely on their support and expertise without having to manage hiring or retention yourself. After all, you don’t need twenty more employees – you need your IT systems to work.

7. Solve problems before they impact your business. The biggest advantage of a Managed IT Services provider is professional IT monitoring that catches problems early, often before they impact your business at all. Managed IT Services providers have the top tools for IT monitoring and a Network Operations Center staffed with experts 24/7. Instead of waiting for a problem to impact your operations before scrambling to fix it, you can focus on your work with the confidence that IT experts are solving issues before you even know they exist.


How do Managed IT Services work?

Each organization’s IT needs are unique, so the first step any Managed IT Services provider will take when partnering with you is to gain an in-depth understanding of how your IT environment operates. Then, your new partner will install IT monitoring tools and begin to monitor your system. When problems arise, your Managed IT Services provider can solve them remotely or send a technician to your location.

At R2i, we are a small company that offers flexible Managed IT Services to meet your needs. We modify our packages to offer the Managed IT Services that are most valuable to you at a price that meets your budget.

If you would like to learn more about R2i’s Managed IT Services, please contact our team. Our IT experts will be happy to answer any questions about your organization’s unique situation.


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