5 Reasons Why IBM Power Will Make all the Difference in 2020

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Although the IBM Power Systems line of servers was first marketed in 2004, it was built to evolve and adapt to rapidly changing business needs. Four generations later, these solutions continue to stand out and allow even the most demanding applications to scale and run on cutting-edge technology.

1.The most powerful supercomputers in the world

With the growing use of AI and ‘Big Data’, organizations need fast, scalable solutions. The Power AC922 was designed from the ground up for Machine Learning/Deep Learning (ML/DL). It allows the training of ‘large models’ and shines like no other platform when training on high-resolution images. The Open Power foundation has allowed the ‘community’ (Nvidia for example) to build advanced accelerator technologies directly on the board. This is the only server that has Nvlink between the cores and the GPUs!

The Power9 server holds the top two positions of the largest supercomputers in the world. This being said, you can purchase a single 2 U server at a very affordable entry and simply add servers one at a time as your needs grow.

2. Easy integration in the cloud

These days, almost all companies have a private or hybrid cloud. Not only is integrating IBM Power solutions child’s play, but their installation also lets you manage flexible consumption models and adapt to your changing needs. Hyperconverged infrastructure solutions equipped with Nutanix technology even let you manage the processing, storage, and network of your critical applications from a single control panel. In addition, with IBM Power combined with Nutanix technology, you benefit from the flexibility of cloud while keeping your processing and data on prem.

3. An agile solution

Your organization, which is likely to see its business and its needs change quickly, must be able to adapt its IT infrastructure accordingly. With IBM Power solutions, the cloud scale-out option lets you develop your infrastructure in real time and easily adjust the resources of your servers to suit your needs, in terms of processing, memory and storage. The power and versatility of IBM Power solutions let you configure the servers according to your needs. In fact, you can even share a single core between 3 separate operating systems (Linux, IBMi, AIX) if you desire!

4. Exceptional reliability

Designed to respond to your demands 24/7, IBM Power solutions offer you on-site infrastructure boasting recognized reliability that is ranked No. 1 according to the ITIC Global Server Hardware Reliability Report. On average, the non-availability by users of IBM Power solutions is limited to a few minutes per year.

5. Enterprise Software Solutions

Quite frankly, companies do not care about hardware, they are concerned about the solutions that will provide their business with a competitive advantage, by either decreasing costs or increasing revenues. They don’t need/want to hear about the hardware, and this is precisely why the above 4 points are very important! What they do care about is the solution/application/software that these servers run. The bold new IT world is built on community (open source) software, agile development, containers and microservices. This community-based software is driving innovation and change like we have never seen before, but this is in fact a double-edged sword.

The enterprise still relies on security, auditability, explainability and support for its survival, so be sure your solutions are Enterprise-proof. World class hardware is only as good as the world class software it runs. With the IBM Watson Software family, you can bring AI tools and apps to your data wherever it resides.

PowerAI Vision will allow you to build AI models based on vision quickly and without the need for a team of data scientists. As for the Red Hat suite of software, it is bringing the community to the enterprise. All these solutions are built on open source code that is fully tested, secure, supported, runs when and where you want and is wrapped with Enterprise ready code allowing for auditability and explainability.

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